Statement by Vice-President Šefčovič following the trilateral meeting EU-Ukraine-Russia

On 2 March, Vice-President Mr. Maroš Šefčovič chaired trilateral talks on energy between the EU, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation was represented by the Minister for Energy, Mr. Alexander Novak. Ukraine was represented by the Minister for Energy and Coal Industries, Mr. Vladimir Demchyshyn.

Vice-President Šefčovič said : "I am satisfied that we managed to safeguard the full application of the Winter Package for the supply needs in Ukraine. We also agreed to take up trilateral negotiations on the follow-up to the Winter Package. I am reassured that the supply of gas to the EU markets remains secure". High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini underlined : "The outcome of today’s meeting on energy issues can help bridge differences over the supply of gas between Ukraine and Russia. These efforts are part of the concrete support of the European Union to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements."

The Chair summed up the outcome of the trilateral meeting in the following way :
1) Winter Package : The parties confirm the intention to fully implement the Winter Package. In this regard the following obligations from the Winter Package were highlighted :
- Naftogaz will pre-pay and order from Gazprom sufficient quantities of gas to ensure covering all domestic consumption by Ukraine in March,
- Naftogaz continues to guarantee an undisrupted transit of gas to the EU,
- Gazprom will deliver up to 114 mcm per day of pre-paid and ordered gas quantities to mutually agreed delivery points.
By living up to these obligations the Parties will demonstrate their reliability respectively as an important supplier of natural gas to the EU and as a key transit country for Russian gas to the EU.
2) Supply to certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions : The Parties acknowledged that the issue of supplies to certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions is highly complex in legal, technical and political terms. This issue will be further discussed.
3) Trilateral discussions of the follow-up gas package : The Parties have also stated their willingness to continue their trilateral talks in order to agree on the follow up to the gas Winter Package, as called for in the Declaration of Minsk of 12 February 2015. The European Commission invites the Parties to submit their proposals for possible agenda points for the next trilateral meeting. On this basis the European Commission will propose a draft agenda and invite the Parties to a meeting before the end of March 2015.

publié le 03/03/2015

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