Письмо Памелы Андерсон в поддержку создания охраняемой территории в Восточной Антарктиде [fr]

Памела Андерсон написала письмо российским властям в поддержку разработанного Францией проекта по созданию морской охраняемой территории в Восточной Антарктиде. Сохранение биоразнообразия - одна из тем нашего будущего сотрудничества с Россией!

Letter to Sergei Ivanov, Support New Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica

Mr. Sergei Ivanov - Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the Issues of Environmental Activities, Environment and Transport. Kremlin, Moscow

Dear Sergei,

Please allow me to congratulate you on your very successful contribution on the protection and recovery of the Amur leopard in Russia’s Far East. I closely follow news about leopard called Pamela and am very happy that she has become a grandmother. I have shared this happy news on the Pamela Anderson Foundation web page.

I very much enjoyed our meetings in the Kremlin, and greatly appreciated the opportunity to participate in the biodiversity discussions at the Economic Forum in Vladivostok, where I shared my concerns about whales, specifically orca and beluga. Today though, I am writing to you about the European Union’s exciting proposals for marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Southern Ocean.

In 2009, the 25 Members of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) committed to designating a network of large-scale marine protected areas, MPAs, in the Southern Ocean. In 2016, CCAMLR Members (including the Russian Federation) agreed to the designation of the Ross Sea MPA. You played a big role in this, welcoming the decision, "Russia has a proud history of exploration and science in Antarctica. In this time of political turbulence in so many parts of the world, we are pleased to be part of this collaborative international effort to safeguard the Ross Sea ".

The Ross Sea MPA is now the largest in the world (2.02 million km2). Two further proposals for large-scale MPAs are expected to be considered by CCAMLR Members at their annual meeting this October. The proposals for the East Antarctic and for the Weddell Sea are formally being made by the European Union; the East Antarctic led by France (and Australia) and the Weddell Sea by Germany. The Ross Sea experience is that high-level engagement is required to win the support of all CCAMLR Members.

Will you support the proposals for these MPAs to further demonstrate Russia’s historic and leadership role in this collaborative international effort to protect the Antarctic and Southern Ocean?

I would very much like to meet with you again to discuss the importance of Russia for Antarctic and Southern Ocean protection and to hear about the new achievements for wildlife and conservation in Russia.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very sincerely yours,


publié le 29/08/2018