Отрывки встречи министра Фабиуса с "Уолл-Стрит Джорнал"

French Minister Wary On Iran Nuclear Deal
By Matthew Dalton
2 juin 2015
The Wall Street Journal Europe

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said a possible nuclear deal with Iran risks sparking a nuclear arms race in the Middle East unless the agreement grants inspectors access to Iranian military sites and other secret facilities.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal in Abuja, Nigeria on Friday, Mr. Fabius insisted the ability to inspect such sites be part of a final agreement with Iran to ensure Tehran doesn’t covertly try to build a nuclear weapon. The warning highlights a persistent divide between Western negotiators and Tehran, which has demanded Iranian military sites remain off-limits to international inspectors.


Mr. Fabius has helped draw France closer to the Obama administration in confronting threats to the West, including the Russian-backed rebellion in eastern Ukraine and Islamic State’s seizure of territory across Syria and Iraq.

Mr. Fabius said the situation in Ukraine seems to be improving, despite sporadic fighting that continues to break out between rebel groups and government forces around Donetsk airport and elsewhere. The peace agreement signed by Ukraine, Russia and European nations in Minsk in February is more or less holding, he said.

The European Union must decide in the coming months what to do about the bloc’s sanctions against Russia for supporting the rebel groups in eastern Ukraine. Those sanctions are set to expire at the end of July.

"The probability is that the sanctions will remain the same," he said, "but they could be alleviated if afterwards, more and more, we are going along the Minsk agreement."

He left open the possibility that the sanctions could be lifted step-by-step before the end of December, which is the deadline for full implementation of the Minsk agreement.


publié le 03/06/2015