French Tech Ticket - season 1: Russian Winners

Nearly 1 500 entrepreneurs have applied to this initiative for the 1st season. 50 winners were chosen. Russia ranked 2nd in the list of most represented countries, with 3 winners. The 2 russian startups that were selected:

• Founders: Andrey Temlyakov (27 yo)
• Incubator: 50Partners
• Project description: Polywed is a technology based on the analysis of data aimed to improve the success rate of in vitro fertilization.


• Founders: Luliia Kropacheva (34 yo), Elina Elek (USA), Igor Dmitriev (28 yo, Russia)
• Incubator: Paris & Co
• Project description: TimeJoy is a smartphone application between the smart calendar and the personal assistant who aims to help professionals manage their time and be more productive.

publié le 05/08/2016