French School Moves Into New Home (09/04/2014)

The St. Petersburg Times 09/04/2014

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Left to right, Lionel Valeyre, Thibaut Fourriere and Jean Lefebvre at the opening of the new André Malraux School in St. Petersburg

The André Malraux school in St. Petersburg, named after the author who served for 10 years as the Minister of Culture under then president Charles De Gaulle, has opened a new location near the TYUZ theatre in the city center on Apr. 3. The new location was opened by French Consul General in St. Petersburg Thibaut Fourriere, Director of the Alexandre Dumas Lycée in Moscow Jean Lefebvre and Lionel Valeyre, Director of Ecole Française André Malraux in St. Petersburg.

The St. Petersburg school, which originally opened in September 2002 and only accepts kindergartners and primary-school aged students, is a branch of the Alexandre Dumas Lycée in Moscow. French lycée institutions are well known around the world, with 488 locations in 130 countries teaching 320,000 students today.

The new St. Petersburg location is in a modern, central setting that promises to provide all the amenities and equipment necessary for students to thrive.

Students ranging from three to 10 years old are taught in French, although they are also required to study another foreign language. It is possible for children to study Russian too. Students who want to continue their education in French are offered the opportunity to study at the lycée in Moscow, at a middle school in France or they can study remotely from St. Petersburg.

Professional teachers work with students both in a classroom setting as well as individually. The teaching is structured for students learning French as a foreign language and not as a native speaker.

While France endows the school, tuition fees and contributions from parents also provide funding.

Tuition rates vary depending on nationality. While French citizens pay the least, Russian students pay less than children from other countries.

Photo : Chris Gordon / SPT

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